This is the documentation to ASPECT-ui, a user interface for spectra maps computed with ASPECT.

While ASPECT is a software developed to process large amounts of spectra into Self Organizing Maps (or Kohonen Maps), ASPECT-ui is meant to give an easy start on working with the computed output.

To see an application of the user interface go to the spectra map of about 1 million SDSS DR7 spectra.

ASPECT-ui comprises a responsive web browser user interface, making use of leaflet.js for visualisation of Kohonen Maps of spectra. To this end representative icons of SDSS spectra are composed and resized to different detail levels. The resulting images are then used to make a zoomable and pannable representation of the spectra Kohonen Map.

The user interface is accompanied by a set of command line tools which make it easy to generate an ASPECT-ui instance for a computed map.